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The PCReturned Review: DEATH & THE CITY by Lisa Scullard, aka Voodoo Spice :)

...Review as seen on the HarperCollins Authonomy website :)

Hi again Lisa,

Great news this is now published. My fingers are crossed that you'll sell many thousands of copies. ;)

I'm pretty sure I've read + backed this ages ago, but I'm back to peek again + comment in a transparent attempt to curry favour. ;)

I can’t really remember your book as it’s been so long since I last looked, but I’m heartened to read your list of favoured authors on your profile. With such a pedigree, I’m expecting you’ll have produced something pleasingly bonkers. ;)

I generally comment as I read since I find it the easiest way to keep track. So, without further ado, here I go. :)

Chapter 1:

Ohhhh now I remember this. There can’t be many books that start with a chick lit assassin in a Halloween costume. I’m baffled how I ever forgot this now. ;)

I like all the meandering asides of your main character. They contrast so well and so daftly with the topic in hand, killing. I’m honestly not sure if she’s a bit deranged or just v odd. Either way, it’s a fun start to read ;).

I like the description “Hollywood hitmen”. Sums it all up so well + speaks v loudly of her contemptuous attitude for those men. Is she right to be so confident, though? She’s either v good at what she does or she’s definitely more than a bit bonkers. Sounds like she doesn’t play by their old fashioned rules, though. Hmmm is that what makes her so effective? We’ll see. ;)

Her meandering thoughts on powerful women throughout the ages etc are quite telling. I think she may have a deep-buried inferiority complex and be out to prove something. When she sees her reflection, we get another hint she’s not exactly all there in the head. The complete lack of fear in her expression’s inhuman, especially considering what she’s up to!

I almost laughed aloud at the cheery image of her passing the postman in fancy dress, swinging her baseball bat. She’s just off for a merry day’s killing. Tra la la la la :).

I like the buildup while she’s waiting behind the hitman, musing away. The longer it goes on, the more my tension increases. I keep expecting him to turn around and spot her at any moment. When she finally gets around to the killing, it’s surprisingly easy and quick.1 blow. I think the instant’s all the more effective for its brevity. Hmm interesting revelation that stopping these guys is her job. It raises the question of who in hell she’s working for. It’s hardly a regular 9 to 5, is it? ;). I blinked when she shot him so casually. The action hammered home the fact she’s no amateur. Scary that death’s s easy for her. Brrr.

Surprise news comes that the postman’s the next target. Ironic they passed each other earlier in such a carefree manner. I wonder if he was having similar thoughts to her as he went by, musing about the killing to come. Darkly funny ;).

Intriguing mystery that the next target of the postman’s a student. I didn’t expect that. Why would anybody want a student dead? They tend to be so harmless.

Ah … seems like she got too close to the wrong person. That would do it. Those guys must be v jumpy about their privacy.

Wow great scene with the postman at the door. It was v chilling and effective the way she just reached out and made him shoot himself. I can really picture that scene + feel his confusion. Ah but he recognises her just at the end. Lara. This woman must have quite a reputation. No wonder, from what I’ve witnessed so far!

Strange mystery about the postman’s next target. Will we ever find out what the heavy duty thing is, I wonder? I like the following talking shop with head office. Filled with interesting details. My ears perked up when I hear she’s getting a wing man. I didn’t expect that. Lara seems like the sort to work alone.

Uh oh the upcoming partner’s somebody she knows + seems v unimpressed by. I’m sensing a lot of conflict’s coming. Wow if she thinks he’s weird, he really must be off his trolley!...

Well, what can I say? I sort of remembered the events in your book, but I’d forgotten just how bonkers and darkly funny they were ;).

Lisa makes 1 of the most unusual and interesting protagonists I’ve read on authonomy. If I knew her, I wouldn’t feel safe around her without bullet proof glass between us. She’s like a ticking time bomb. Not knowing what the hell she was going to do next kept me right on the edge of my seat for the entire time I read this.

The idea of a story based on a woman killing hitmen’s fascinating too. She’s the ultimate badass. Given the job she’s doing + her mental state, I don’t know if she’s the hero, the antihero, or some unholy mix of both. All I know is your story’s a lot of fun and I’d happily read all of it if I had enough time. :)

Despite the fact you’re now published and no longer need ratings, I’ve given you 6 stars. In my opinion, your book deserves it. Please let me know if this does well on kindle. I’d love to hear that great news. ;)

Best wishes,

Pete x

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