Monday, 11 October 2010

The Voodoo Review: Shalini Boland


I’ve been lucky to meet this multi-talented lady through the HarperCollins authonomy website, and when she posted her site online in the summer found that she’s not only a great author (A Shirtful Of Frogs, Hidden - both online to preview on authonomy) but also an extremely talented singer/songwriter, who has recorded with Basement Jaxx and performed at The Brixton Academy.

Her demos can be found on her website - here’s my take on them as I get carried away by the music…

…See Basement Jaxx album “Rooty” 


Broken Dreams - Basement Jaxx feat. Sha Boland

A combination of sultry club songstress and a dark pop beat, with a brass section that would be quite welcome in Huggy’s V.I.P. bar. Guest list only, tonight folks - drinks are on the house, although I wouldn’t go chasing that dream at the end of the top shelf labelled “Spanish Fly”… a femme fatale indeed…

Looking Out My Window

An acoustic guitar number for those days you wake up and look out of the window not knowing what the day will bring… Will today be the day he comes home from those wanderings he never quite has the explanation for? Maybe he’s spending his days in that backwater bar with the dropouts, but “Lying… in the curve of the Moon” hints that maybe there’s something supernatural about this elusive lover, suited to the gentle melody and dreamlike vocals.


Gives Sheryl Crowe a run for her money with this acoustic rock number - challenging the silence coming from the end of the bar where that charismatic guy always sits, saying nothing. But his presence is deafening, and it’s time he joined the conversation…


Another soul challenge for Mister Charisma - this lady’s not for the turning back. Not sitting by the window or the phone “No longer dressed in black” - he had his chance and blew it all right.

Catch Me

A summer holiday to Calypso Beach, leaving those backwater bar blues behind. Shady characters and bad boys forgotten… “You can free me - free my love.” She’s moved on, even though there’s memories of darkness in the past. This is a new challenge, among the palm fronds and paper lanterns. Grab yourself a triple Tequila Sunrise and listen again… a holiday you won’t want to come home from…

Things You Do

An acoustic piano and tambourine this time as our songstress comes back to reality to face the facts about her love. He’s not going to go away, no matter how hard she tries to get over him…

Going South

…But maybe this Latin dance retreat will break his spell when she finds her true romance and “Spanish Eyes” hero, instead of that invisible, incommunicative bad boy who’s been on her mind all this time. Now she’s changing tack and looking elsewhere, somewhere his type would never show up. Because she’s part of the fun now - no missing out for this girl…

Go get ‘em, Tiger…

L xxxxxxx

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Shalini as a writer and as a person - I had no idea she was also a musician - and recording with Basement Jaxx! How great is that!