Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Voodoo Review: Tieken

Halloween calls for metal music and teen scream movies, and if anyone’s writing the theme tune for this year on MySpace, it’s twin brothers Trevin and Trent10 fronting their own self-named band Tieken.

Site members since 2006, they’ve got a great image and exactly the sound you need to rock that Halloween party or prom, metal-style.

There’s a generous dose of tracks on MySpace, and you can find them also on Facebook as TIEKENBAND.

So this year, dress to thrill, load them up in your iTunes or MP3 and crank it loud…

TIEKEN, Ursa, U.S.A.
Metal/Nu Metal/Hard Rock
Recording and live shows - look for on iTunes and Amazon


Munster Movie (Hallowed Be Thy Re-Mash) Remix
A real retro funk metal hit - think Halloween prom night with a serial killer on the loose and some proper satire to liven things up! Love the samples - reminds me of the good old days of Gothic sit-coms like The Addams Family and The Munsters.

More please…

Hate And Blame
More effective use of sampling in the mix - carries off really well in the intro leading into the demonstration of axe talent in this band.

Nightmares Can Come True
Another prom night of ghosts and zombies - would make a great teen slasher movie theme tune.

Kings, Queens And Fools
A slower pace and a surprising show of vocal skill carries this off - not everyone can jump three or four octaves mid-lyric. A good pace for a rhythmic head-mosh throughout in the pit.

Dig In
Great guitar intro. Picks up the pace again as those imaginary prom-night miscreants look for a good place to hide a body…

Highway Baby (Get It On)
Metal and road-trip themes have been partners in crime since… and if they haven’t, why not? Really nice vocal chorus hook that sticks in the memory.

I Don’t Wanna
Must be awesome to see these guys live - they’ve got their intro’s spot on, getting you in the mood from the get-go, with catchy lyrical hooks you can already hear the audience screaming along with. More guitar riff skill that surprises you with a new technical sound just when you least expect it.

Shows imagination and talent by the truckload.

Happy Halloween, fellas…

L xxxxxxx

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